BELONG started in 2004 with a mission to bring hope and joy within marriage and families. This aim drives its threefold vision, to see couples: belong to one another (relational aspect); belong to a group which accompanies them (social aspect); and belong to God who is Love everlasting (spiritual aspect). It provides skills and companionship which strengthen couple relationships. It gives them the opportunity to create meaningful friendships with others who seek positive vivacity and Christian values. Finally, it helps couples nurture a deeper knowledge of God’s love.

This ministry is a strong support to couples at various life stages, helping them enrich their relationship within an environment of friendships and belonging. Countless dating and married couples benefit profoundly from this ministry. We organise open monthly events and create pleasurable environments so that engaged and married couples alike may discuss various topics relevant to them. The aim is for couples to delve into relational, social and spiritual aspects which they can discuss to any depth according to their maturity.

Our ethos is felt in every event which offers equal doses of formation and fun, and an
experience that oozes personal acceptance, harmony and a deep sense of belonging. Events vary in form but whether liturgical, formative or just social the experience is equally the same. Activities include the open monthly meetings, day seminars, weekends, retreats, Christmas Eve celebrations, New Year’s Eve Festivities, Lenten talks, and various social events for all to enjoy.

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